If you plan on taking the dianabol the real deal, then there are some tips you’ll want to keep in mind. Below are three tips that can help you if you’re going to take Dianabol, also known as D-Bol.

Do Low Dosages

Don’t get overexcited and take a bunch of D-Bol. In fact, you want to assess how your body will react to it, so keep dosages low. Remember, D-Bol suppresses testosterone production in your body and it can lead to numerous health issues. This is why low dosages are recommended.

If you’re new to steroids, then take 20-30MG per day. Don’t do anything above that because you’ll be putting your health at risk. Plus, your organs will likely recover quicker from that amount. A higher dose may result in long-term organ damage.

Eat A Lot

D-Bol will help you grow and gain weight within the first week of starting a cycle of it. However, you will only grow so much if you do not eat or eat enough. Most people take D-Bol because they want to gain pure bulk, which means they should be consuming a lot of calories. Try to eat around 3,000-4,000 healthy calories per day when you’re taking the steroid.

Workout Regularly And Use Heavy Weight

Workout with the weights 4-6 days per week and train with heavy weight and low reps. Don’t neglect cardio. Focus more on weights than cardio, but do cardio 20-30 minutes at least 2-3 times per week. This will help keep body fat levels low-moderate, while you pack on mass. Plus, if you train with heavy weight, then you’ll gain strength fast.

D-Bol is powerful and there’s always a chance you’ll get addicted to it. Instead of taking real D-Bol, find a legal supplement that does the same thing. You won’t be taking a health risk with a legal supplement.