Steroids are strictly regulated in most countries. According to local rules and regulations, you can only get medical-grade steroids through a pharmacy if you have a prescription. You and I both know that we are not using steroids for a medical reason. As bodybuilders, we need steroids to help us gain muscle mass and body definition. We don’t have a prescription and that means we cannot buy steroids online or offline at any legal pharmacy.


No, there is always a way to bypass this rule. Although you are not using steroids for a medical reason, you can still ways and means to get your regular steroid supplies. We are willing to share our tips and sources with you but a word of caution; these might not work for everyone.

Forums — Local forums are the best place to find really great suppliers. However, there is a catch. Forums are filled novice and veteran bodybuilders and no one wants to share their contacts online. There is a chance of legal repercussions and most people will not tell you anything even if you ask for contacts. The best way to build trust is by reaching out to veteran bodybuilders on the website and telling them what you want. Don’t push the topic. Ask a question and then wait for some time. Someone or the other will reach out to you in a private message. You should also know that, private sellers do have their own accounts on these forums. Even if veterans do not contact you, sellers will reach out to you. Please be ready with references from known people in the field though.

International pharmacies — International rules and regulations are different for the pharmaceutical industry. For example, websites will offer     Methandrostenolone for sale for international buyers. It is a regulated drug and requires a prescription. However, international websites have attached pharmacists or physicians who will discuss your requirements with you. They will then provide you with an online one-time prescription for your purchase. This is great for a one-time purchase but you might not get the prescription again. However, other websites based in Europe and Asia do not have such stringent regulations. They will be willing to sell you medications at a discounted rate and even without a prescription. We do recommend you check the reputation of these companies before placing an order. Place a small first order and then test the product. If you are happy with the product, you can then place a larger order.

Manufacturers — Large pharmaceutical companies have their retail stores all over the world but they have their manufacturing companies in Asia. As a result, these units will have attached warehouses with huge stocks of unbranded generic medications. We recommend reaching out to these warehousing units to find out whether they will sell you drugs in discounted rates. You might even be able to buy in bulk without the need for a prescription.

Google — Apart from these sources, you can try Google to find really great domestic sources for your steroids. For example, you can start by googling, ‘steroid source review forum’ and the search engine will throw up thousands of results. Check the first three sites and cross-reference the results to see which names come up repeatedly. Once you have two to three names, google these names individually and contact them directly. By doing this, you should find two to three legit US domestic sources for your steroid requirements.

Local sources — Gyms are a great place to find local sellers. However, this is again a little difficult to manage. This is because local sellers will need two to three different references to authenticate you before they will sell you anything. We recommend you join a professional gym and then hang around until you find a reliable source. This is usually the simplest and easiest way to find your local supply of steroids.

As you can see, you can easily get top-of-the-line steroids like Methandrostenolone through the internet. It does require a little research and hard-work but once you have a reliable source, you don’t have anything to worry about. You can easily also place a repeat order to buy Methandrostenolone with the website and the steroids will arrive on time, every time.