Anavar is the trademark name for Oxandrolone (Oxandrin) and was originally designed for treating diseases related to muscle-wasting. It also allows the user to acquire lean muscle mass and boost strength. When used with the right diet and a suitable workout routine, it allows the user to lose body fat. It is because of these unique strengths that Anavar has gained huge popularity among bodybuilders with many seeking to get Oxandrolone.

The powerful anabolic effects of Oxandrin steroid have been proven by a number of researches. It has also been shown to assist HIV patients in regaining significant volumes of lost muscle mass. However, it’s important to state that Oxandrolone is deemed to be a poor “bulking” steroid by most male bodybuilders. On the other hand, however, women who are seeking to add lean muscle can buy Anavar as it is an excellent drug.

Anavar Benefits

Among the most notable benefits of the best Anavar anabolic steroid is its power of promoting muscle strength and mass gains without causing water retention. This steroid doesn’t suppress testosterone production and it also doesn’t aromatize at whatever dose used. Anavar for sale is medically available for the management of persons diagnosed as having involuntary weight loss triggered by illness, infection or acute/chronic injury. It is one of the few steroids suitable for use by sick patients because different from others, it is metabolized by the individual’s kidney and not by the liver. This is basically because whether prescribed or if you buy Anavar online, it possesses the unique potential to contribute to the restoration and maintenance of body weight, particularly lean body mass. Also, it can dramatically reduce a patient’s stay in hospital besides boosting wound healing when compared to only receiving standard nutritional therapy.

Impact/Effects of Anavar

One very appealing side effect of Anavar pills or tablets is that it doesn’t come with many harsh side effects compared to the majority of other oral steroids. Taken in low doses, Anavar pills are generally well-tolerated with low chances of triggering liver complications or virilization in females. Anavar has also been shockingly shown to bring a beneficial effect on a liver that has been damaged by alcohol when added to the person’s standard therapy.

Anavar tablets/Pills don’t convert to estrogen which means that male users will avoid the side effects associated with estrogen like water retention and gynecomastia.  Nevertheless, Anavar steroid can have several side effects such as:

• Acne

• Nausea and Vomiting

• Virilization

• Changed Lipid Values

• Hair Loss

• Mild Liver Toxicity

• Harsh Workout “Pumps”

• Testosterone Suppression

• Testicular Atrophy

It is illegal to buy Anavar tablets, or Anavar pills without a medical prescription in almost all countries. With a prescription, Anavar for sale is available in the U.S., Canada, Australia, the UK, Canada, and New Zealand. However, it doesn’t look like Anavar steroids will be available for bodybuilders in these countries any time soon.


There are some specific countries where the Anavar steroids as well as other types of steroids can be bought without requiring a prescription, Mexico, Greece, Turkey, and Iran being the most-prominent among them. This is why it is easy to buy Anavar online from underground labs in those locations.