Steroids are very popular in the athletic fields. Athletes workout and diet constantly but sometimes, the human body refuses to cooperate. It just plateaus out and refuses to lose more fat or gain more muscle. This can be frustrating for an athlete who wants to gain the ultimate body for competition. Steroids help athletes to scale the plateau and continue gaining weight and losing fat but they do have a negative connotation. Some people say steroids are safe while other say that steroids like Parabolan are addictive and deadly. As a newbie, you should know more about what you are planning to use and this is the right article for that.

Our point is that steroids were never intended for bodybuilding. As a result, veteran bodybuilders tried a hit-and-miss process of using steroids to get what they wanted. Now times have changed. Professionals athletes have full-time medical professionals providing targeted information on how to use steroids and control side-effects. So steroids are now much safer than they were before. Of course, not all of us have personal physicians on call and this article is designed to erase some of the mystery surrounding steroid use.

So here goes…

How do I use steroids?

Most steroids are available as injectable ampules and oral tablets. Both versions work well. However, oral tablets can cause liver damage and you have to take a very high dose. This is because most oral tablets are broken down in the stomach and absorbed into blood. This blood is first taken to the liver for filtration. The liver automatically detects the high steroid levels and tries to breakdown everything that it finds. This damages the liver and reduces the amount of steroid that reaches the muscle cells. To prevent this from happening, newer synthetic steroids are passed through a modification process called alkylation. This reduces the hepatotoxicity of the steroid and increases bio-availability for muscle cells. However, liver protective supplements like Liv-52, Milk thistle, and ALA are still recommended. Injectable hormones seem to work better but the injections can be painful and tedious. You also have to inject in a muscle and the most popular muscle is the gluteus maximus or butt muscle or the quad muscle or thigh muscle. If you don’t follow sterile injection techniques, you could end up with abscesses or infections. Injectable hormones are supplied as water-based or oil-based mixtures depending on their chemical structure. Water-based mixtures are absorbed quickly but oil-based mixtures take some time to inject. However, they are absorbed slowly and their action lasts longer.

What should I start with?

Always start with testosterone. This is the parent for nearly every steroid on the market at present. If your body adjusts well to a TEST cycle, you should have no problems with other compounds as well.

Are there particular combinations and doses?

Yes, every steroid has specific doses, cycle lengths and combinations. Please do research these particulars online. Do not mix cycles or stacks if you are a newbies. Stick to conventional mixtures and you should get the expected results.

Where can I find steroids like Parabolan for sale

You can buy almost any steroid at your local pharmacy but you do require a prescription for it. Since you want to buy Parabolan and similar steroids for off-prescription use, this can be a little difficult. We recommend going online to try European and Asian pharmacies. These websites do not have stringent purchase procedures and you can easily get bulk deals on your favorite products. However, a word of caution; even if you can buy steroids online from these pharmacies, your package will have to pass through Customs. This can cause problems if the package is caught. We recommend checking local and regulations and buying in small quantities to prevent problems.

The Bottom Line

Nothing is without side-effects and steroids are no different. They were not designed for bodybuilding use and misuse or overdosing is common. We recommend you do your research properly before you actually buy Parabolan for personal use. Adjust your expectations and be careful. Please do reach out to a medical professional if you feel medically-compromised. Doctor-patient privileges will ensure that you don’t have any legal problems to deal with.