There are countless assurances on the safety of using anabolic steroids to lose excess fat, gain muscle mass and increase strength. There are, however, an equal number of alarms on the danger of replacing natural hormones with anything developed in the laboratory. Like most synthetic products, prohormones have received their fair share of criticism and bloodcurdling warnings on their use. This does not, however, mean that you should watch other people go on and reap the benefits while you are still thinking about making your first step towards gaining a better physique, more strength and generally, a more active life. All you need is to get all your facts right before you embark on the use of any prohormone.

What You Gain

Whether you are a bodybuilder, an athlete or just want to gain a more attractive appearance, you must have your own expectations from the use of pro hormones. Remember, however, that the effects of the supplements vary from one individual to another. Therefore, don’t base your desires on what someone else has gained from taking them. It is advisable to begin on small dosages made up of a single supplement in order to determine the best prohormone that works best for you.

All said, there are general expectations from the use of pro hormone. They include more strength, increased endurance while working out and a better sex drive. In addition, you will quickly gain great muscle mass and weight.

What you May Lose

Just like many other supplements in the market, even the best prohormones have an effect on your natural hormones and their levels.  Additionally, they will be sure to affect the biochemical makeup of your body. They just work that way.

Remember that all supplements are meant to influence the functioning of your body in a positive way. However, the occurrence of side-effects, whether mild or severe, is inevitable especially when the supplements are abused. Among others, the negative impacts you may observe include hair loss, skin acne, shrinkage of the testicles and gynecomastia or what is commonly known as bitch tits.

It is worth noting that most of the side-effects from the use of the supplements can only be observed when there is wrong or excessive use. Many of them can, in fact, be avoided or eliminated by simply following the advice of a physician. Before you buy prohormones, therefore, ensure that you have all the information on both their possible benefits and side-effects and how to counter them. Above all, don’t go overboard in their use. Remember that you cannot achieve the gains in one or two days irrespective of how much of the prohormone supplements you use.


While much of the content you will find online when looking up prohormones for sale have a lot to tell about the negative effects of using them, the truth is that they are now much safer than they were before. Keep in mind that the wheel of science never halts and there are always new ways of effectively combating the side-effects if not avoiding them altogether. Even if you go for the best prohormones on the market, for maximum benefits, you will still have to include a good training program and a proper diet.