Thanks to the steroid’s long history that dates back to the 1960s, Deca Durabolin side effects that are known are well documented. This is one huge advantage when a juice is so well-loved that its longevity is enough evidence for people to keep patronizing it from here to eternity.

The fact is, all medications have side effects. The problem is not being aware or not being made aware of their nasty aftershocks, if any. Loved and respected, the Deca is one of three mighty steroids that just keep lording it in the burgeoning Arnolds market year after year.

Steroids are, first of all, natural or artificial substances that mimic the inherent abilities of testosterone, the main hormone that defines the human male. First discovered from fighter bulls, the discovery to-date would yield tons of copycats. The great Durabolin is no exception. Also referred to as Nandrolone Decanoate, a team of lab experts would put their heads together to make a simple yet radical change to the testosterone structure as they knew it.

The result is a slow-acting testosterone wannabe that stays in the body far longer than any steroid of synthetic nature. In this form, Nandrolone would inhibit natural testosterone production in the body. It can also cause stagnation of the human male’s erection capability, especially when the stacker is utilized excessively.

Another known side effect is the depletion in the body’s natural production of HDL, which is otherwise known as the good cholesterol.  This good guy is responsible for helping smooth out the flow of blood in the circulatory system. With less of it in the system, bad cholesterol could not be far behind.

Yet another side effect is that the Nandro is very hard to extirpate from the system. This makes it such a bad candidate for Olympic competition usage. Translation: the drug test will definitely catch the culprit that uses it. The good news is, there are also other steroids in the market that can counteract the negative influences of Decanoates. And so in a sense, the Deca is not such a bad guy, after all when used in unison.